ModeraCloud shell

ModeraCloud shell simplify usage of remote deployments, and as well may be used locally to shorten commands, if you mostly work with one application.

Shell saves you time in following:

  • you don’t need to type mcloud prefix every time.
  • command execution is faster (especially if you execute commands remotely).
  • “use” command allows to not type host name or application name.

Start shell

$ mcloud shell

Exit shell

Shell will not react to Ctrl+C command. Instead you should type “exit” or hit Ctrl+D.

Use application

use command allow to omit application name, when executing some commands:

mcloud> use myapp

mcloud> status
mcloud> start
mcloud> stop

System commands

Anything that starts with ”!” is executed as system command:

mcloud> !ls

... list files ...

If you need to execute set of commands, you can run bash:

mcloud> !bash

To exit, just hit Ctrl+D, and you are back in ModeraCloud shell. If you messed up, see for reference.

Switching to remote server

If you need to execute commands on remote machine, isue use command with host:

mcloud> use

You can combine use remote server with application name:

mcloud> use

To switch back to local server:

mcloud> use @