Working with remote mcloud

Initial application deployment

Test you have connection with your server:

$ mcloud -h <ip-here> list

If, you see empty table from remote server, then it’s working.

We can initialize a nwe application.

Go to folder with your application (we will use flask-redis) example. And initialize application on remote machine:

$ mcloud -h <ip-here> init flask-redis mcloud.yml

flask-redis is name of your application on remote server.

MCloud will create a new application there. Now you can push initial version of your application to remote server:

$ mcloud sync . flask-redis@<ip-here>

During sync mcloud will ask to review changes and confirmation to de[ploy the things.

As application is synced, you can start it:

$ mcloud -h <ip-here> start

Updating deployed application

Updating applications is as easy as uploading changes:

$ mcloud sync . flask-redis@<ip-here>

And restarting application:

$ mcloud -h <ip-here> restart flask-redis

If you changed configuration in mcloud.yml, you may need to deploy changes to container structure as well:

$ mcloud -h <ip-here> config --update flask-redis