Required changes to run new version

If you update from 0.8.x version of mcloud, then you should do several things.

  • remove haproxy & dnsmasq from your machine
  • add ssl: and web: to your mcloud.yml

Removing haproxy & dnsmasq

As haproxy, dnsmasq are running inside docker containers, you should remove them before updating mcloud.

On ubuntu:

$ apt-get remove haproxy dnsmasq

Adding web: and ssl directives

Before MCloud was detecting automatically which service is exposed to web by finding opened port 80.

Now, you should specify which container is published as web-service by default. You can do this by assigning web: 80 (or any other port instead of 80), or ssl: 443 if you are running ssl.


    web: 80
    image: nginx:1.7.7
    cmd: nginx

Update mcloud

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mcloud


$ mcloud -V
mcloud 0.9.12

If you see version above 0.9.12, then it’s ok.

And check that mcloud is actually can run:

$ mcloud list

... some app list here

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